Walking the land – it’s what we do


 Our  Walking the Land service may sound a little grand but basically all we do is  just loiter  in your garden awhile, analyse the soil and microclimate find out where the sun is coming from and  get ideas.   Our recommendations usually come in booklet form or videos or a bit of both.

In our 25 years as a landscaping  company  many times we have seen our clients having to grapple with the fact they own a substantial plot of  land for the first time and  this is an exciting moment where imagination has to be tempered with reality – as there are plenty of expensive mistakes lurking in the shadows with the commissioning of exterior works if you don’t understand the ecology of your land.

Additionally there may be the anxiety that you have no clear idea what the genius loci or ‘spirit of place’ of  your  garden should  actually be looking like – perhaps because it has been obscured by past neglect or misakes.

  We relish all such challenges.

Below are some examples of our  ‘Walking the Land’ jobs

Extracts from report  for a garden near the Pyrenees



Extracts of Report for an estate on Henley on  Thames

Bolney Court






This walking the land thing all started back  in the hectic days of Positive Earth when we started to  dream strange   dreams…