The gardeners  path

Green -fingered  all he  life, Poppy  only became a professional  at age 30  when she  took a  job at  Regents Park.  Here she absorbed  all  the  facets  of this ancient and  venerable  craft .  She was  sent   to Eltham Palace to complete  her  training  and passed her  RHS  City and Guilds  1 2 and 3    with distinction. 

 Since then she  has  planned, created , restored  and maintained literally   hundreds of gardens  – mainly in  London.              

   ‘gardening is “just a matter of  doing the right thing  at the right time ‘




  • 2008-2000 Manager, Green Spirit Gardens in Highgate London. . Garden Management, design and consultancy. 
  • 1997-2008 Manager, Positive Earth Ltd Garden design Installation and maintenancece   
  • 1991-1997 Manager, LVM Gardens Garden design Installation and maintenancece   
  • 1992-Contributor to RHS Dictionary (Specialism: Amaryllidaceae)
  • 1986–1991  Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, Royal Parks 
  • 1972-1998 Studied Sati (Buddhism) under John Garrie Roshi whilst learning about self sufficiency and alternative lifestyles.
  • Prevopis other work: Piano Teacher   .
  • Interests:  Geomancy, Hedge Witchery, Music, Medieval history and Animal Welfare.

“In whatever I do I like to combine intuition, aesthetics and practical skills.”

Note:  Gerry Feeny is the  co-founder and director of Green Spirit gardens.  He concentrates on  structures,  lighting and   irrigation       


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