Walking the land – consultancy, reports

Large or complex developments and restorations need an overview. Soil, the water table, existing plants and eco systems, climate, access, storage and waste disposal are just some of the things you need to think about. This is what we mean when we ‘walk the land.’ 


Extracts from report  for Labranon, a garden near the Pyrenees

Making a garden in Gascony


Extracts of Report For Bolney Court, Henley on  Thames

Bolney Court



  Wentworth Golf Club proposals

Wentworth Golf Club – improvement suggestions








These three were our first ‘walking the land’ service. Sometimes we get further involved, depending how we all  get on i.e how perceptive we were in identifying the problems and the opportunities. 

We don’t call it feng shui, we dont call it geomancy, we  don’t call it a survey. It just an illustrated report maybe on the web  and of course it will be unique.

This all started back  in the hectic days of Positive Earth when we started to  dream strange little dreams…