Healing the earth and soothing the soul

Greenspirit Gardens is the nom-de-plume of Poppy Mercer, a garden designer and plantswoman living in Highgate,  London.

She started her garden career  at Her Majesties pleasure in Regents Park. Her training took  her through a very Victorian syllabus which assumed you had to manage a single large garden  over a substantial  period of time.  Although she passed with distinction in her exams  she was then thrown over the fence  into the real  world which  at the time was a frenzy of  instant gardens!

And real gardening in the way she was taught the craft  was just not on the menu.

Instead there were just  garden tidy-up options in the form of maintenance contracts.   

  The long view did not exist. 

 It has taken a good decade or so to manouever back to what she loves – a single garden, or maybe two in parallel,  where  things can be  done properly and at the right time, and a  grateful customer can be cajoled into indulging in the Gertrude  Jekyll confections of the of a previous age.

Yes that magic time when the bees and butterflies danced in paradise.  

This  typical project of hers in Highgate  has been ongoing since 2011 despite a change of owners.




“Gardens can need healing on many levels….the problem can be just neglect or there is a fundamental lack of balance or flow which indicates some kind of re-design is necessary.   Any garden that does not sing  as it should  stands out a mile to me .  It does not soothe. To heal it I find that combining horticultural knowledge and experience with an intuitive sense of the spirit of place works well.”