About us

 Timeless design -backed by horticultural knowledge

 We are in our sixties now and  not looking for work – not because we are pensioned off but there is plenty of it already!

We love it and it keeps us going.  We put this site out there as a calling card for anyone wants to get in touch and who maybe heard about us by word of mouth.

If that is the case then you have arrived totally organically and we will welcome you with open arms (i.e respond to any queries)



Poppy’s CV

  • 2008-2014 Manager, Green Spirit Gardens in Highgate London. . Garden Management, design
  • and consultancy. Writer on garden topics for the web
  • 1997-2008 Manager, Positive Earth Ltd Garden design and Installation company based in Highgate Increased turnover from 40k in 1996 to 250k in 2007 Designed and managed approx 300 installations, directing staff of 5 -10
  • 1991-1997 Manager, LVM Gardens Established her first company in Crouch End, North London
  • 1992-Contributor to RHS Dictionary (Specialism: Amaryllidaceae)
  • 1986–1991  Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, Royal Parks Grade 1 Gardener  (3 year apprenticeship) City & Guilds in amenity horticulture with distinction. RHS General Certificate In charge of alpine island & alpine propagation.
  • 1972-1998 Studied Buddhism under John Garrie Roshi whilst living and learning about self sufficiency and alternative lifestyles.
  • Other work: Piano Teacher.
  • Interests:  Geomancy, Hedge Witchery, Music, Medieval history and Animal Welfare.

“In whatever I do I like to combine intuition, aesthetics and practical skills.”

Greenspirit business manager Gerry Feeny –  who also installs irrigation and lightning.